Capture your audience's attention!
Your friends and family will be charmed and mesmerized by your wedding ceremony. With the telling of your own true love story, you can be sure they are interested and listening from your walk down the aisle,  all the way up to your most memorable romantic kiss!

Loveography Writing
Treat Yourselves to a
Love Story Ceremony!


Everyone Loves a True Love Story

Tell them Yours!

"Excerpt from a true love story!" ...She walked him out to the end of a pier and then by the moonlight shining on the waters of Lake Okanagan, she kissed him. The stars began to whirl and his knees gave way and all he could do was whisper I love you."

It had taken him what felt like ages to tell her this so she gasped and actually collapsed on the dock! The way he explains it is that she sort of slid down to a pile at his feet! He wasn’t sure what was happening but he quickly went down on one knee to see if she was ok. Immediately, she sprung into his arms and whispered I love you, I love you too.

He didn’t have a ring or a plan but with the moon and stars as their witnesses, he proposed.. but not at that exact moment..



The water was rocking the dock more furiously now and they were both kneeling, wobbling, hugging and kissing and holding onto each other when a big wave came splashing over them both. 

Surprised and shocked she yelped and sprung to her feet but he stayed steady balancing on his one knee in a solid old fashioned proposal stance. More sure of his destiny than ever before he took her hand and helped steady her. Now both soaking wet, he asked her to marry him and she said yes!"

It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, it matters only that you love.
- John Lennon

What takes me hundreds of words to write

Commission the biography of your 

epic love story !

Have it written into your wedding ceremony


and keep the guests

interested, laughing, giggling,

crying and captivated!


True Love and Life stories captivate your audience like a Hollywood Blockbuster of the year!
your love story keeps your guests entertained and on the edge of their seat!

Mindy and Greg Willson are a beautiful c

Your story is a precious heirloom.

A thing to revisit again and again. Precious beyond monetary value. 

There may never be another time when you will take this opportunity to immortalize your love story. 


Enjoy a one of a kind ceremony that honours your unique love, your own beliefs and keeps the audience listening. Here are a few quotes from the clients who have worked with Valerie.


“She wrote our personal love story that added very touching feeling to the ceremony.  She went above and beyond. We couldn't have chosen better. We recommend her very much!”


"From start to finish, we were blown away!"

“She was so flexible and willing to work with us and all of our ideas!“


“We couldn’t have expected anymore from her, as she put so much time and effort into working with us. We could feel that she put her heart and soul into our ceremony, and that personalized touch is what made it the beautiful work that it was.“


"We were absolutely delighted by the results...sharing a laugh and cry with friends and family at our many cherished moments. We couldn't of asked for a more personalized ceremony!"


""Our guests are still talking about it! What a perfect ceremony and launch to the rest of our lives ! ""


"Valerie  made our elopement a perfect tribute to our love and she absolutely exuded positive vibes!" 


“Working with Valerie on our ceremony and vows was absolutely amazing! She is so dedicated and passionate about her work that we were very thrilled to have chosen her to be a wedding officiant.”

“Without Valerie Maltese, our perfect little elopement wouldn’t have been possible.”


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