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So how do I do it you ask? I gather my information from you and write a first draft. Next we edit it together and you have final say on the script so no funky surprises when it comes to your wedding ceremony ! If you are having a wedding party I help guide a rehearsal for you.  I tell your story  with a goal to keep your audience listening and captivated.  This is always a beautiful and interesting way to draw your audience close and set a personal tone for the rest of the day, not to mention launch you off for  the rest of your lives...
But wait!.. back to getting to know about  me...




I come from a long line of artists,

romantics and writers.

I could tell you a story or two..


it is me who really wants to know about

your true love story.


Go ahead and tell it to me

and I will write it into

your marriage ceremony and it will

also become a

timeless and epic love story !

I guarantee that even if you have wedding guests that are watching you get married online, your ceremony will draw them close, captivate them heart and soul and keep them on the edge of their seats.

I vow to you that I will make your wedding ceremony intimate, personal, meaningful, entertaining, and a true reflection of you and your loved one.

I deliver an alive and entertaining love filled ceremony because I am a total romantic and a professional performer. A fun fact is that I began my acting career in the company of none other than the infamous Tony the Tiger. We ate cereal together on a Kellog's Frosted Flakes commercial and he told me I was grrrreat! 

Ok so guess what! The tiger was right about that, I am grreaat, you should see my reviews! !

It still feels a lot like play to me. I think things come easier when you were simply born to do it! I have always enjoyed celebrating love.

Gathering in celebration and ceremony to mark transitions keeps us inspired, uplifted and gives meaning to our lives!


Ok, so here is one more fun fact! As a teenager, I was like a "Cyrano Debergerac." I composed love letters and poems for my girlfriends to give to their romantic interests. It was thrilling, except I had to keep it secret so I couldn't even take the credit for those awesome teenage love letters. 


Becoming a wedding celebrant allows me to celebrate my own calling to love and romance. I combine many skills acquired over a lifetime...and I am perfectly suited to this calling. Everyone tells me this, and I feel it in my bones, so that is why I decided to believe them.  I have been creating one of a kind wedding ceremonies since 2016. I began with All Seasons Weddings, (an agency for Canadian Wedding officiants and then I moved on to become more specialized.I already was an actor a member of ACTRA but I studied storytelling and performance further and I loved it even more when I went out on my own.

I can offer so much flexibility. I can write it, you can write it, we can write it toferther, I can guide you .. You don't actually need to be a writer at all. Just like my teenage buddies did, you can just each talk to me or email me and tell me about your love story! Including your love story is perfect for a wedding ceremony script, a renewal of vows or even for an anniversary tribute

A Life-Cycle Celebrant delivers more personalized ceremonies and rituals than what you might get with other types of officiants. You have the freedom to be you and not adhere to anyone’ else’s belief system. You have the freedom to do it all your way!

So tell me, are you a bit of a free thinker and could this be your cup of tea? 

Love and Peace Weddings _You canna ask m

I love this job. Creating your ceremonies  allows me to celebrate my own calling to love and romance. I combine many skills acquired over a lifetime...and I am honoured to be the one to help you!


Tree Planting, Blending of Wine, Hand Fasting, Blending of the Sands and any other Custom Created ideas or elements you would like can be integrated. I guarantee the words chosen for you will reflect you and your  ideas, beliefs, backgrounds, and personalities. I adapt my writing and delivery style for each unique client and this is a co creation. 

You have the freedom to be you and not adhere to anyone’ else’s belief system. You have the freedom to do it all your way!


Meaningful, personal, entertaining and heart felt while you stay true to yourself and uplift your friends and family in love!


On a hiking trail, on a boat, on a golf course, a beach or a winter's slope, I meet you there and I facilitate your personal beliefs in your way. 

The love for a horse is just as magical and complicated as the love for a human being. #ho

Click here to hear a clip from one of Valerie's custom written Love Story Ceremonies below including a blending of wines ritual !


Giddy Up and Get Started by Viewing your Choice of Packages and Check in with me at or call or text me at
250-899-0775  for your date.  


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